Virtual Great Banquet

The Fall Great Banquets have been cancelled due to the pandemic. However, the Board of Servants wanted to provide the Community an opportunity to remain connected, albeit remotely. Although the format is different, the focus of the Great Banquet remains the same- To Know Jesus as Savior and Lord and to Make Him Known. And even in a changing world, we receive assurance that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). Jesus’ goodness, holiness, and love for us will never change!

Daily Devotions

Click on the devotion to watch or read the devotion, which is based on one of the Great Banquet talks.

  1. Discovering Priorities by Mike Wexell
  2. God's Gift of Grace by Greg Fitch
  3. Ministry of All Believers by Michael Ulrich
  4. Our Response to Grace by Nora Johnson
  5. Way of Relationship by Hope Neuenschwander
  6. Truth Through Study by Ryan Champion
  7. Sacramental Grace by MJ Fitch
  8. Life of Christian Action by Hope Nelson
  9. Obstacles to Grace by Bill Boyce
  10. Disciples by Terri Pierpont
  11. Changing Our Environment by Linda Mowrer
  12. A Life of Grace by Rodney Miller
  13. The Body of Christ by Amy Mauser
  14. Staying Power by Jim Kreid
  15. Establishing Priorities by Patrick Roesler

Videos of Special Events