the main thing is

to keep the main thing

the main thing

  • God

    Before there was anything else, there was God. And then God created the cosmos, including humans on Earth, whom he created in God's own image. With Christians everywhere, we worship the only one, true God — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  • Jesus

    People attempted to be good enough for God, but they failed miserably. God had the answer: send the second person in the Trinity into the world to accomplish what people could not accomplish on their own. We believe that Jesus Christ is both truly God and truly human and that he died and was raised from the dead and is Savior, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, who will one day return and make all things new.

  • Salvation and Grace

    We affirm that the current state of dysfunction and chaos in the world is the result of human choice for something and anything other than God’s heart, and that God offers freedom — also referred to as salvation — from this dysfunction and chaos through faith in Jesus Christ alone. God accomplishes this freedom as an act of grace, or unmerited favor. Wholeness and love and eternity is available through God's grace coming to us in Jesus. 

  • The Holy Spirit

    At the very core of God's identity is community. God is both One and Three.  And even better for humans, God wants people to share in the very community that exists between the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. When a person receives God's grace through Jesus, the Holy Spirit comes to stay in that person, God's very presence living in followers of Jesus! The Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit empowers and comforts all those who follow Christ.

  • The Bible

    God desired for people to have insight regarding the design of creation, the causes of chaos and dysfunction and the path that leads to freedom. Over many centuries, through numerous individuals, God produced what the world knows as "The Bible." Much more than the most supported ancient book, we believe the Bible to be the inspired, infallible, and authoritative Word of God, and that it is as applicable today as it’s always been. 

  • The Church

    Even though we believe in the spiritual unity of everyone who follows Christ, and that Christ has instructed his Church to represent him in this world in order to help everyone else experience his love, receive baptism and grow to obey all of his teachings, we know that the Church can also be pretty messed up. We're all a work in progress. Yet the Church, especially the local church, is the hope of the world. Followers of Christ gather together for encouragement and love and support, and then send each other back in the world to represent Christ's love to everyone.