Our family has many stories.

Northminster's story is really a collection of stories. Many of us found ourselves one day seeking an opportunity to learn and discover more about God and His love for us in Jesus. We each brought our own stories with us when we first stepped into Northminster and added to what God has been doing in and through the people we met.   

Our church has a long history.

Years ago, two congregations decided it would be beneficial to combine their efforts, and Northminster was born. At one point we were located a few miles south on the west side of Knoxville, but now God has us here at the corner of Knoxville Avenue and Mossville Road to make a difference in our neighborhoods, throughout Peoria and to places and people around the world.

We are part of a growing movement.

The second word in our name, Presbyterian, means we’re part of a historical movement that centers on Jesus, relies on grace, enjoys fellowship with God and embraces God’s mission in the world. We value learning and living by God’s teaching in the Bible; and we’ve intentionally partnered with other Presbyterians in a movement known as ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians.